About Us

Our Team

At PMC, wakeboarding is not just a sport, it’s a passion: together we’ve visited more than 80 cable parks across the world over the last 10 years. Through our in-depth discussions with facility owners, we’ve been able to create a picture of the daily challenges – as well as the long-term issues – involved with managing such facilities. The goal: providing a varied and enjoyable visitor experience at an affordable price. The problem: the huge outlay required to buy new features outright.

We’ve put this problem at the heart of our strategy – and it’s our mission to find a solution. Over the last year, we’ve built relationships with park owners and learned about the market. Now we’re ready to put it into action!

Michael Schwab

Michael started wakeboarding over 10 years ago. He is our organising talent due to his mechanical engineer studies as well as his practical experience. During his studies he got the chance to travel over half a year through Asia and experience its cable parks.

Wakeboarding is a huge part of his life and on every trip, you can find him splashing around at a new cable park.

Erich Bscheider

Erich is the creative head of the company due to his architectural studies as well as his practical experience in this field. When it comes to order processing, he has the practical experience—as well as the network—and knows exactly what it is all about.

He’s also been an active wakeboarder for more than 5 years and a fixed part of every wakeboard trip.